How To Become A Signing Agent

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How to Become a Notary/ Loan Signing Agent in Maryland


Notary Commission 
The first step is to get your Notary commission with the State of Maryland. (Google Search how to become a notary in your county. (Be sure that it is a government website and not a third-party website)

The Loan Signing System 
The class that I took that taught me about the industry is called The Loan Signing System taught by Mark Wills. The class will teach you everything you need to know about the documents. It will also teach you on how to get assignments and how to market yourself to local title companies to make more money. 

Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor License
Maryland requires you to have a state license to perform closings. I took a class at The Training Exchange. This class is self-paced. There is another class through MLTA (Maryland Land and Title Association) that is taught by an instructor. There are other reputable classes out there. Please be sure you do proper research before purchasing a class. Once you complete the pre-licensing class, you must take a state exam. Instructions will be provided to you by the class instructor

National Notary Association 
Lastly, you want to join the National Notary Association (NNA). There you will get your background check, Errors and Omission Insurance (Recommended $100,000.00), get your notary supplies and take a class called Notary Essentials. The Notary Essentials class teaches you about the roles and responsibilities of a notary. You can also purchase your supplies and reference guides. 


Equipment: Computer (preferably a PC) Phone and a tablet.


Printer: Brother MFC-L5900DW. You will need to buy an additional drawer so you can print Legal and Letter pages at the same time. If you choose to have a separate scanner then I would use a Brother MFC-L5200DW and an Epson Scanner.

Supplies: Legal size manila folders, legal size file wallet (to put the manila folders in) 2” binder clips, medium binder clips, small binder clips, legal size paper, letter size paper, paper clips, blue pens, Post-it note pads, Sign Here, Initial Here and Notarize here tabs (if it helps you to see where to sign and notarize) and Notary Journal.

Memberships: Maryland Land Title Association (MDLTA) , your local Chamber of Commerce, National Notary Association (NNA).

Software: Notary Gadget (for accounting and tracking payments), Quickbooks for detailed accounting. Notary Act (Digital Notary Journal).

**FedEx and UPS accounts are recommended for packaging supplies. They are Free.**

**Staples and Office Depot Accounts are recommended**